Health and well-being

Avoided premature deaths per year compared to 2000 [deaths]

Disposable household income

Energy cost saved as share of disposable income compared to 2000 [%]

Alleviation of energy poverty

Energy cost saved as share of disposable income compared to 2000 [%]


Impacts on RES targets

Share of RES in final consumption [%]

Energy savings

Annual energy savings compared to 2000 [Mtoe]

Saving of fossil fuels

Annual energy savings by fuel compared to 2000 [Mtoe]

GHG savings

Annual CO2 savings compared to 2000 [Mt CO2]

Local air pollution

Annual local pollutants emissions avoided compared to 2000 [Gg]


Industrial productivity

Industrial productivity [Meuro/PJ]

Asset value

Additional asset value in services compared to 2000 [kタ]

Employment effects

Employment effects [FTE]

Impact on GDP

Change in GDP due to Energy efficiency in residential buildings in 2010

Impact on energy prices

This Indicator is under development.

Public budgets

Public budgets (additional income tax in 2010) [Million Euro]

Innovation impacts

Revealed Patent Advantage (RPA)


Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA)

Turnover of energy efficiency goods

Annual turnover of energy efficiency goods related to energy savings in households (space heating)

Import dependency

Dependency rate [%]

Supplier diversity


Impact on integration of renewables

Demand Response Potential [GW]